(CD) Jo Mango & Friends - System Hold EP

  • (CD) Jo Mango & Friends - System Hold EP

Olive Grove is proud to present System Hold, the brand new EP from Jo Mango & Friends.

Track Listing
1. Depth // 2. Weight // 3. Tightness // 4. Suspension

The EP is made up of series of songs that are based on thoughts about ‘mass supervision’ in criminal justice systems, that accompany Fergus McNeill's book, ‘Pervasive Punishment.

System Hold will be released on 26 April 2019 on very limited edition CD.

Depth by Jo Mango
Weight by A. Wesley Chung and Jo Mango
Tightness by Lucy Cathcart Frödén, Martin Cathcart Frödén and Jo Mango
Suspension by Jo Mango

Keys and vocals by Jo Mango. Guitars and vocals by A. Wesley Chung. All other sounds by Adem Ilhan.

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Adem Ilhan.